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Past Unique brings your memories to life. We create custom everyday heirlooms for you by taking your grandmother’s handwriting, perhaps from a birthday card, recipe or letter, and applying her handwritten words to home décor products, jewelry pieces, and lots of items in between. This and that for you and yours! Put it on your wall or wear it around your neck, together we will celebrate you.

Our Story

Past Unique is where the Designer and the Genealogist in Laura fuse together to preserve your family history in home decor items to display throughout your home. We hope they become conversation pieces that allow you to share with others your unique past. These items will also offer as heirlooms when you pass them down to future generations.

Laura Madden

Profile pic2I originally founded a company called Root Runner Genealogical Services and with that have been able to bring families closer through the discovery of their ancestors who went before them. The family pride I was witnessing from my clients needed to be celebrated. I wanted to help families display that pride and share it. I soon dedicated myself to creating displayed genealogy by focusing on the creation of everyday heirlooms.

I have three great kids that keep our house hopping and full of fun. My husband Jeff and I have been married for 21 years and love celebrating the depth of our family with stories of our childhood, recipes from our grandmothers and knowledge of our ancestry.

The start of Past Unique in May 2014 is my answer to tangible genealogy. Now I can give my clients a piece of their own history in a form that they are able to see and use everyday.  I am excited to share this with you and hope we can display your memories and stories to inspire conversation of who we are and those who came before us.


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