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Our Signature Signs are a precious way to keep your family close to your heart. We will take your handwritten recipe or letters and pull words of your choice from them to create these unique signs. We love them as a collection of three…

Love, Family, Joy;  Sugar, Flour, Vanilla; Chop, Bake, Boil;  Smith, Miller, O'Connor.



Wood sign approximate dimensions: 5.5″x20″

Includes two saw tooth hangers on the back of each sign.

Additional information

Wood Finish

Creamy Ivory, Distressed Ivory, Black Truffle

Text Color

White, Creamy Latte, Brown, Black, Gold, Silver

Number of words

1-3 Words, 4-9 Words

3 reviews for Signature Sign

  1. Kristan R.

    Last year for Christmas I was searching for a gift that would really be special for one of my best friends who has lost her mother. I was able to borrow a book her mother had given her of handwritten recipes, without her knowledge. I had 3 boards made from the recipes in her mother’s handwriting and gave them to her as a gift. She cried and was overwhelmed with such a unique, personal gift. She hung them in her kitchen and has a wonderful reminder of her mother each and every day. I feel grateful to Past Unique for what they were able to do!

  2. Chris H.

    In looking for a distinctive gift idea for my parents, I saw the Signature Series board on the Past Unique website. I spoke with the owners about creating a board that had the hand written signature of each grandchild (including my sister’s kids). The process was simple, even though we don’t all live in the same state. We were able to scan the signatures, email them to Past Unique and they took the process over from that point. When my parents opened the gifts they were overcome with the special touch in being able to see another part of their grandchildren. They hung them in a group in the hallway, which is also where their pictures and artwork is displayed proudly! Thank you Laura and Kelly!!

  3. Mary Dankoski

    I ordered a set of 3 recipe boards for my mother for Christmas. My mom is in her mid-60s, and her mother died several years ago when my mom was only in her early 20s. She and her siblings recently found a journal that her mother kept from 1938, when she was a teenager and before my mother was born. I selected three words from the pages of the journal and had them put on the 3 recipe boards, along with her full signature which she had written inside the front cover of her journal. When my mom opened the gift and saw her mother’s signature, she gasped and tears sprang to her eyes. She was overcome and deeply touched. It was a priceless moment and I was thrilled to have found such a personal and special gift for her.

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